Which One Word Describes the Likely Impact of AI on the world of Market Research and Insights?

Ray Poynter
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Ray Poynter

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At the moment, I am processing the data from the latest NewMR project, assessing the views of researchers in terms of the impact of AI. We have collected the views of 259 insights-related people, who are connected with NewMR on the topic of AI. We have a mixture of answers to closed and open-ended questions, and we have data from 2021 to compare it with.

As a first step in the analysis, I looked at the answer to an open-ended question, “Which one word best describes what you think about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the business of insights and research?”

The Word Cloud below, created with Word Cloud Plus shows this initial picture.

Word Cloud from Word Cloud Plus

The key takeaway is that most people think something substantial is happening. There are people who say minimal or hype, but they are a clear minority. Some people see the likely changes as being positive, for example, about efficiency, or exciting, or simply helpful.

Key phrases that describe the likely impact of AI include Disruptive, Transformational, and Game-changing – all of which will be positive to some people and negative to others.

Standby for more news from this project shortly.

Note, this sort of project, where the text is a string of single words, without phrases, is the simplest form of a word cloud, the sort of thing that Wordle.net was originally built for (the original word cloud generator from about 2010 that kick-started the interest in word clouds) .