Word Clouds made simple

Most word clouds focus on beauty but miss the point. We focus on insights.

Power to create informative word clouds.

We get you started and then hand the controls over to you to create the most effective word clouds.

Stop words like 'the' and 'be' are removed from the word cloud. Automatically loading stop words for 50 different languages.

More than just another word cloud.

There a are few things that are different about World Cloud Plus


All of the data processing is done on your own computer.

Instead of uploading your data to the cloud and then processing it, we keep the data on your computer and process it there. This means that your data is never sent over the internet.

Score based

An intelligent scoring algorithm is used to determine the important phrases.

Most existing word clouds are based on frequency. This is not always the best way to determine the most important phrases. We use a scoring algorithm that takes into account the frequency of the phrase and the occurrence of similar phrases.


Not just styling, but also the algorithm can be configured.

Our software takes its best guess at how the word cloud should be constructed, but you will always know best, so you can configure the algorithm to your liking.