The language balance between risks and benefits of ChatGPT for universities

Ray Poynter
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Ray Poynter

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The BBC had an interesting article today looking at the impacts of ChatGPT for university students, lecturers, and exams (see ChatGPT: Can students pass using AI tools at university?). As well as the general content of the article, focusing on students at Bath University in the context of non-Computer Science subjects, there is an interesting balance of opportunities and challenges.

In order to look at the language of the article, I copied and pasted the text into Word Cloud Plus, our free word cloud generator. After a little bit of tidying (e.g. removing the names of the lecturers and dealing with plurals), I produced the word cloud below.

Word cloud from BBC article

What does the word cloud show?
At the heart of the word cloud are the words ChatGPT and Students – which is the heart of the article. I highlighted these in blue to make the reference point clear.

Words such as risk, tempted, and cheating all highlight the downside, and I coded them in red to make them stand out.

The words in green all relate to Bath University’s plan to simultaneously teach their students how to use this new AI tool whilst at the same time protecting themselves from the risks. Word Cloud Plus highlights the following phrases as been typical of this usage “in order to ensure our student are equipped with the skills they need for the future workplace’ and “urges them to equip student with ai skills they can take into the world of work”.

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