Feature update: Colours

Will Poynter
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Will Poynter

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Some of the earliest and most consistent feedback we received about Word Cloud Plus was that the resulting clouds needed to be prettier. That is why this update and the next one are focused around making our clouds more beautiful and making it easier to make them beautiful.

Colour Palettes

That is why we have added five predefined colour palettes.

A screenshot of our colour palettes as viewed from the settings page of Word Cloud Plus.

You can view the colour palettes on the settings page once you have signed in and select which one you would like to use. If you have not set a specific foreground and background colour for new clouds, then the first two colours of your selected palette will be used as the background and foreground of new clouds, respectively.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is also six option to select a custom palette. The custom palette allows any user to specify their own choice of six colours to use.

Colour Picker

We have also replaced the old colour picker with a new one that presents the selected colour palette in the swatch at the bottom.

Screenshot of the new colour picker with a swatch at the bottom.

A user can select any RGB colour they would like for the background or font colour while editing any cloud, but now they have a swatch of colours ready to go. The first six (row one) are taken directly from the colour palette. The second six (row two) are recently used colours.

Next Week

Next week we will be releasing our next visual improvement feature for Word Cloud Plus. We have been working on a new set of packing algorithms that will arrange the resulting phrases in a more attractive way. Check in next week to learn more.